The Holidays are Here…

So many of us dread the Holidays because of all the food that is associated with it.  It starts with Halloween and the purchase of candy which is fine it’s having the candy in the house that’s the hard part.  Then before you know its Thanksgiving and we are now in full swing of baking the additional goodies we love so much that we only do this time of year.

     If you enjoy cooking or baking but struggle with over indulging take the time this year to try something new.  Change your recipes with healthier ingredients.  If you are making an item that calls for flour and sugar, substitute the flour for Almond Flour and the sugar with Splenda you will be amazed at the final result.  No difference in taste but your waistline will appreciate it!

     What if you always make mashed potatoes and think, I know I shouldn’t be eating anything white which includes potatoes.  Try using yams instead or go all the way and use Cauliflower.  Cauliflower, are you nuts?  No, try it, it’s actually very good.  Use spices to jazz it up and try adding Almond Milk and Safflower oil.  The possibilities are endless.

     This Holiday Season be adventurous in the kitchen and give your body the nourishment it is asking for.  Don’t deprive yourself just remember not to go overboard and maybe take a walk with your thoughts or someone you love.

Happy Holidays!